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Welcome to the M:I4 community on DW! I'm [personal profile] katydidmischief, your friendly neighborhood admin/mod, and I look forward to seeing all the awesome fic and art I'm sure will come out of this fandom.

I'm currently getting this comm together, but I'll post with any changes, particularly in relation to the rules (which can be found below and on the profile page). If you're interested in co-modding, comment here or PM me; if you'd like to have a discussion post put together, PM me--I'm all for discussions (at least until there's a separate comm for it) but not in seventeen different posts and not if it's a topic that'll cause wank.

I have spent over an hour creating a list of tags; there's about sixty, and I'm sure I missed some. Please acquaint yourself with them and let me know if there's any that I've missed that you want and/or need added or any that you'd like me to explain. I've tried to ensure they all fit in a nested style for easy navigation, so they may not be what you're used to in a comm.

01. This is a zero-tolerance zone for wank. I will delete/freeze/self-destruct any comments or posts that cause a problem as soon as I see them. However, I do work long days—if you see something before I do, do not hesitate to contact me as I get notifs for PMs, and I do have comp access on my lunch break.

02. Slash, het, and mixed relationships are acceptable here. Twosomes, threesomes, and moresomes are as well. For the time being, RPF is accepted, but I will be setting up an separate comm for RPF as soon as this one is off the ground and running.

03. All subjects need to have a preface for what it is, the title, pairing (if any), and rating. For instance, if it is fic, please format it something like this: Fic: I Am a Title, Character 1/Character 2. Rating.

04. All posts with creative content must include the title, pairing, rating, summary, and any warnings or notes you'd like to include.
04A. A note on warnings: I have been involved in fandoms before where people do not warn for some content because they feel it takes away from the story. Please be respectful of other people's squicks and triggers; if you'd like to place them under a cut so viewers/readers can choose to take the warnings into account, please do, however, do not exclude them at all.

That's all for now, darlings! :)
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